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Bringing the Arts to Life – from Canada Life

Recognizing diverse educational needs during the pandemic, we are thrilled to start our Bringing the Arts to Life from Canada Life program.  If you are a school teacher and interested in having us teach drama over the internet please reach out. We can offer these classes for free thanks to our friends at Canada Life!

Available Workshops


Get the creative juices flowing by playing structured games that teach the basics of improv!

Create a Character

How do you make a character? You make some choices – How do I move? How do I sound? What do I like? Use the basic tools of acting – the body and voice – to create characters and play scenes with each other.

Drama Creation

Learn to adapt storytelling techniques to the format of online performance! Each week the instructor will challenge you to create a dramatic version of a story, based on a new drama concept,  using props and costume pieces you have in your house!

Musical Theatre

Learn a song! After a brief warm-up, you will take a look at the musical structure of the song, learn how to approach the lyrics and even put it up on its feet! Learn what it takes to be a triple threat in just one hour!

Soundscapes and Story

Students will learn to use basic sound editing and recording technologies to create their own soundscape that tells a story through found and foley sounds as well as spoken word and song.

Wake Up Your Brain (30-45 minutes)

A quick guide to actor’s storytelling to engage the sleepy mind!

Questions // How to Book

Email Doug Mertz at for more info or to book your workshop today!

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