Living Room Love Songs FAQ

Will there be alternate meals/food options for dietary restrictions?

The meals and chocolates are all nut-free (although made in a facility that may contain nuts), but no further alterations will be offered. RGE RD dinner contains meat, dairy, gluten, eggs.

What type of wine will be provided? Are we able to choose?

RGE RD will be providing a bottle of red wine from a Canadian producer that has been paired to complement the meal perfectly. No substitutions can be made.

Are the meals being provided hot and ready?

The meals will be assembled in a kit for you to refrigerate when you get home and re-heat when you’re ready!

What if I don’t drink? Can I purchase only the dinner for a lesser rate if it doesn’t include a bottle of wine?

We apologize, but we do not allow alterations.

Why are the deliveries for the chocolates and flowers different?

As we have partnered with several small businesses, we are using the services most often used by them.

Can I purchase this as a gift for another couple? How do I ensure they receive everything?

Absolutely! Dinners cannot be delivered, so this would be up to the person who is purchasing to deliver to the recipient, or you can provide the recipient with pick-up information for them to retrieve it themselves. The same goes for the chocolate crates if you go the pickup route. If you choose the delivery option, keep in mind that chocolates will be delivered to the mailing address on the account and the link for streaming will also be sent to the email address on your Citadel account.

Where were the musical acts shot?

It’s from their homes to your home. The songs have all been pre-recorded following all COVID protocols. The performers will not be wearing masks.