A Bridge to the Future

Citadel's plan to re-open

We would like to thank you, our patrons and partners, for your patience and understanding as the Citadel has found itself in the middle of a crisis without a playbook. We know many of you have been waiting to hear our plans about impacted programming and a way forward for our theatre. In the midst of the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, our goal is to proceed with decisiveness and clarity for our patrons, artists, and partners, insofar as we are able, given the changing circumstances we find ourselves facing.

The large-scale productions we create for our mainstage here in Edmonton are the culmination of years of planning and investment. Our patrons and our productions are best served when they can be experienced live, in front of a full audience. What we have come to accept is that the public ban on large gatherings will likely continue for many months to come, and that it will not be possible to schedule any of our regular programming prior to 2021.

So what's next?

Our planned 2020/21 Season programming (Mainstage, Seasonal, and Highwire) will be moved, almost in its entirety, to become the 2021/22 Season, starting in the summer of 2021 with our premiere of ELVIS: The Musical. The Citadel will also produce a mini-season in Spring 2021 that will deliver the shows that were postponed from the 2019/20 Season, plus some extra treats. We will present The Garneau Block in March 2021, Bears in April, Jane Eyre in May, and Peter Pan Goes Wrong in June 2021.

If you’ve already renewed your season ticket package… First off, thank you! Your faith in the work we have to come means the world to our entire team. Your tickets automatically transfer to the 2021/22 Season for the new dates. As a thank you for your continued support, you will also receive tickets to our Spring 2021 World Premiere of Jane Eyre!

If you hold tickets to The Garneau Block or Peter Pan Goes Wrong... Your tickets will automatically be re-booked into the new dates once they are confirmed.

If you hold tickets to After the Fire... Your tickets will be automatically re-booked into our Spring 2021 production of Bears, also from Punctuate! Theatre and by fantastic Edmonton playwright Matthew MacKenzie.

Please Note: For the above options, you will be automatically booked into performance dates, be re-issued tickets, and have an opportunity to exchange to a new date should your scheduled date not work for you.

If you have returned your tickets for Citadel credit... Thank you for holding the value of your tickets with us. We appreciate your continued support. Our Box Office will fully re-open 60-90 days prior to the Spring 2021 mini-season, at which time you will be able to use the value of your credit for tickets to a new performance.

If you hold tickets to Audrey Ochoa & Friends or The Filharmonic... We are still committed to presenting these two fantastic musical acts at our theatre soon. However, we are not able to confirm scheduled dates. You can hold onto your tickets to be re-booked when those shows are available, or return them for Citadel credit to use for another great upcoming performance. Please note that due to limited capacity and extremely high volume, there may be a 2-3 week delay in response to current Box Office inquiries.

If you haven’t booked a season ticket package yet… You can book a new package online for the 2021/22 Season (which will include replacement productions for Jane Eyre, Bears, and any other productions that may be changed) and get access to an array of VIP benefits and programming to thank you for sticking with us through this challenging time.

In the meantime...

We recognize that this is an “extended intermission” from our regular programming and are incredibly grateful for your patience and support, without which we would not be able to survive this blow. In gratitude for your loyalty and commitment to the Citadel, we are curating an innovative season of alternative, interactive, and intimate programming and experiences, in both our theatre spaces and online, to which you will have special access as a subscriber – we will be sharing more about this with you as plans finalize. This will include productions and performances to be viewed online, as well as intimate “micro-performances” to be experienced live at the Citadel (when gatherings of 50 are permitted) as part of our new 50 Below Series. We know there will be something for you as a way to keep theatre in your life during this time.

We are heartbroken that this decision means that for the first time in two decades, the Citadel will not be able to welcome families into our theatre during the holidays to experience our production of A Christmas Carol. But rest assured that we are hard at work exploring ways to bring this timeless story to Edmonton audiences in a new digital form this year.

We know this news is as disappointing to you as it is to us, but we feel it is the most practical and hopeful way forward. It allows us to plan for the future in a mindful way while paying heed to the public health reality with which we are dealing.

We understand there will be many questions about your tickets, upcoming shows, and Citadel's path to recovery. We have compiled as many of the questions we've been receiving at the FAQ link above, and we encourage you to continue sending questions we have not addressed.

Please check back often and sign up for our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss out! If you still have questions or concerns, you may reach out to either one of us via email below. Please know how important you are to the short and long-term survival of our theatre. We are ever grateful for your continued support.

Daryl Cloran
Artistic Director
Chantell Ghosh
Executive Director