I Can Pretend! Program

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I Can Pretend! helps teach children with autism how to play with peers and form relationships. Through drama, younger children learn imaginative play skills and older children hone social skills. It is a program that is based on research supporting how children with autism learn. Created by a seasoned drama educator and parent of a child on the autism spectrum, and first piloted at Manitoba Theatre for Young People as part of a graduate study, our program uses best practice teaching for children with autism including picture schedules, familiar routines, repetition and reward. Children currently enrolled in an intensive intervention program such as ABA, RDI or DIR/Floortime will benefit most from this program.


The Citadel was proud to receive the 2019 Autism Service Champions Award from Autism Edmonton for the Foote Theatre School's I Can Pretend! Program. The program offers children on the autism spectrum an opportunity to play, connect, and imagine in an environment that is carefully crafted for their learning needs.

The team behind I Can Pretend! - along with all of our Foote Theatre School staff - work tirelessly to ensure every week of class is a safe, positive, and welcoming space for the children who need it most. Congratulations to Ashley, Brady, Diana, Doug, and all the incredible staff who make this program possible. Thank you for the incredible honour, Autism Edmonton!

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