COLLIDER opens the door into a world of new work. It celebrates collisions between artists and art forms (theatre, dance, film, podcast, circus, music) that create the spark of exhilarating new productions. Each spring, COLLIDER at the Citadel presents World Premieres, as well as workshops, readings of works in development, panel discussions, talks, social events, and more. A showcase for our Accelerator Play Development program, this festival provides insight for theatregoers, playwrights and producers. COLLIDER will always be an adventure.

COLLIDER ONE will take place from March 23-29, 2020, and will feature the World Premiere of the theatrical adaptation of Todd Babiak’s brilliant satirical novel The Garneau Block. The full schedule will be released this fall, as well as details on how you can get ticket packages to the entire COLLIDER ONE experience. See it here first!

Check back soon for more information.

Citadel Theatre’s Collider Festival is supported by the Edmonton Arts Council Connections & Exchanges Grant.