Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Citadel doing to make the theatre safe for patrons, team members and artists?

We are working with our team, government resources, and local organizations to ensure we are addressing any facility and/or process changes that might be required to create a safe and welcoming environment. We are using the time that we are unable to open regular programming to ensure we are adopting best practices and will communicate those changes prior to welcoming audiences again. Edmonton performing arts organizations and venues are working together, so that we have consistent experiences for all of our patrons to make the new landscape easy to navigate.

Does the Citadel have the resources to make it through an extended closure?

We are incredibly grateful to have had founders and boards that have worked towards the long-term survival of the Citadel Theatre in times of crisis, which clearly this is. We do have resources to remount our theatre productions after the hiatus. We will still need to rely on government and patron support while we continue to operate in a reduced capacity during mandated closures. Our government partners and our patrons will be our bridge to the future of the Citadel.

When can we expect to hear about the new dates for the shows that have been rescheduled?

We plan to announce specific dates for the reprogramming 60-90 days prior to reopening. You can expect to receive an update at that time with your new dates and options.

Why is the Citadel not offering refunds for the rescheduled shows?

We’re so happy that we have been able to reschedule the performance so that you are still able to experience it. In order to preserve the continued existence of the theatre, we will need to rely on our “no refunds” policy for rescheduled programming. Our programming is a result of a very substantial investment and years of planning. Our ticket sales assist in recouping some, but not all, of those costs so we can continue planning and building productions. If we were to refund tickets for programming that has been rescheduled, the stark reality is we would not be able to financially survive the temporary closure. We desperately need our patrons to support us with their patience and faith in our future at this time. We will be reaching out to all patrons when our reopening dates are confirmed to let them know what options and benefits are available to them.

What if one of the shows for which I have tickets hasn’t been rescheduled?

If you are holding tickets to a performance that will not be rescheduled, you will automatically receive a Citadel credit on your account for the price of your unused tickets. We will announce the reopening of our box office 60-90 days prior to the reopening of the theatre to allow you time to use your credit to join us at the theatre again.

If the ban on larger gatherings is lifted sooner what will the Citadel do?

In the event we are able to welcome full size audiences to our theatre earlier than 2021, we will endeavour to move forward programming to an earlier date.

What activities will the Citadel be able to restart or continue prior to the ban on large gatherings being lifted?

As relaunch plans are shared by the province, we will add in programming and outreach both inside our facility and otherwise. Our Foote Theatre School will be operating its summer camps in person, under the new safety regulations, after a spring of very successful online programming. We continue to add exciting online performances and content to the digital Hub on our website (including our Stuck in the House Series, [esc], and more performances to come). As audiences are able to gather in larger groups (50 or more), we will begin to offer exciting live micro-performances in our theatres. Stay tuned for more details!

What if the situation doesn’t improve enough to reopen in 2021?

If larger gatherings are still not permitted by the start of 2021, we will reconsider, determine what the future state will look like and what we can do to best take care of our patrons. We may need to shift programming further, change our offerings, or contemplate programming changes, but we have many back up plans as part of our commitment to get through this time.

Why can’t you announce new dates now?

Given the multiple partners and artists involved with our programming, as well as the uncertainty of the exact reopening under Stage 3 of the relaunch plans, it would be unwise and frustrating for all involved to pick dates only to have to move them again. We are hoping to make one announcement that we can rely on much closer to the date of opening.

Why wait until you can be fully opened?

Can’t you open with reduced capacity and physical distancing? Our productions are large scale, Broadway-sized productions suitable for a large stage and a full audience. As a non profit theatre, we don’t expect that each production is a profitable venture, however, we do plan for our audience sizes to be large enough over the course of a season to cover the cost of our productions. Even a 25% reduction in audience size would make it difficult to accommodate our patron base that is currently holding outstanding tickets, and would make certain productions economically impossible to produce.

Is our government supporting the Citadel during the closure?

We are very grateful for all of our stakeholders from all levels of government, who are reaching out to gather information, offer support and insights as to forward planning. The Federal Government programs will certainly assist us in supporting some of our staff members returning to work, and the grants provided to us by all levels of government will be vital to supporting the ongoing infrastructure costs. However, because we have lost most of our revenue generating capacity (programming, in person classes, rentals, commercial tenants in our facility, concessions, etc.), the operating costs of our facility, and even the most basic administrative functions of our theatre, will outweigh the funding that has traditionally been available. All of our governments are struggling with the same issues of resource scarcity in this crisis, so we know there will be many competing demands for assistance.

What can I do to help ensure the Citadel recovers from this crisis?

There are so many ways you can help us make it through these very challenging times:

  • Purchase a subscription for our next season, even though it is delayed or may require some adjustments, it will be happening.
  • Click here to make a tax deductible donation to the Citadel.
  • Reach out to your elected officials and let them know how important live arts, made in your community, are to you as a voter.
  • Enjoy our online experiences and keep up-to-date on the programming we will be doing while we wait to come together for our regular programming.
  • Be a Citadel ambassador! Encourage others to invest in theatre by purchasing a subscription, making a donation, or waiting to turn their unused tickets into a new performance!

How can I contact the Citadel?

Fill out the contact form below! Please Note: Due to limited staffing, hours, and in keeping with physical distancing practices to keep our team safe, there is currently a wait time of up to 3 weeks for response. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we process a large volume of requests and inquiries.