Horizon Series Interviews

All summer, we’ll be sharing conversations between BIPOC theatre industry leaders and the Citadel Associate Artist team: Helen Belay, Tai Amy Grauman, and Mieko Ouchi!

Click here to learn more about our Summer 2020 Associate Artists. Stay tuned for more this summer!

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  • Episode 1: Meet Helen, Tai, and Mieko

  • Episode 2: Christine Sokaymoh Frederick

  • Episode 3: Pepper'd (Tasana Clarke, Sade Medos, Daliso Mwanza)

  • Episode 4: Cheryl Foggo

  • Episode 5: Tara Beagan

  • Episode 6: Jenna Rodgers

  • Episode 7: Gina Puntil and Jared Matsunaga-Turnbull