The Tempest

The 2019 program participants will perform in a reimagined production of Shakespeare's The Tempest, directed by Josette Bushell-Mingo, Artistic Director of Tyst Teater, Sweden’s National Deaf Theatre from 2005-2018. The production will feature Deaf and hearing actors onstage together. It will be a truly unique retelling of Shakespeare’s most dramatic - and final - script. The Tempest will take place in Shoctor Theatre April 20 to May 12, 2019. Check out two sneak peek interviews here!

Colin MacLean spoke with Lorne Cardinal (Prospero) and Josette Bushell-Mingo (Director) about the process of developing The Tempest and how the text is transforming to captivate Deaf and hearing audiences alike.

LC: “I told her I was not interested in an old guy walking around with a stick. She offered a Deaf/hearing collaboration – and water, magic, revenge, physical theatre and a big friggin’ ship on stage. Her passion, clarity, straight forwardness, insights, and power were infectious. After five minutes, I knew I had to work with her.”

Click here for Colin's interview with Lorne and Josette.

Bushell-Mingo was in Edmonton in August, and this celebrated actor, singer, and director took a break from holding auditions to chat with the Citadel about her vision for this production of The Tempest.

JBM: I need a Prospero who's actually fighting for his existence and fighting for revenge, not just assuming that things are going to happen. So I've approached The Tempest in a visual, physical, sensory way and I tapped into what if Prospero's magic is out of control. What if it's more four horseman of the apocalypse? What happens then? If he's running to catch up at this moment, in this time, the portal, the alchemy of his magic works and he's able to release his vengeance. Twelve years.

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