[esc] Series

While our theatres are dark, the Citadel has been showcasing the incredible work of Edmonton artists through online programs.

Now, thanks to the Digital Arts Fund from the Edmonton Arts Council and the Edmonton Community Foundation, the Citadel is excited to announce our next step in online storytelling: [esc] or Electronic Story Creations.

We started this spring being "Stuck in the House," but as public health closures are slowly being lifted in Alberta's Phase 1, we wanted artists to have an opportunity to escape and create a new piece together, while prioritizing health and safety. Four groups have received creation grants to go towards these digital projects, which they'll make with physical distancing measures in place.


Enjoy all of the [esc] Series online. Take a look at these fantastic socially-distanced masterpieces from theatre artists across Alberta.


June 12 - 14, 2020

John & Lillian live and breathe the relentless pace of the performer-created hustle.  But when a global pandemic grinds the world to a halt, they're suddenly plunged into limbo. They are bored. They are wired. They are exhausted. But they’ve just committed to creating a digital performance piece. Eavesdrop on a series of phone calls as they try and figure out how to adapt--or if they even should--in this peek-behind the curtain of the artistic process itself.

ARTISTS: Paul Blinov, Christine Lesiak, Suzie Martin, and Andrew Paul
ACCESS: Transcript available.


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LOL SO RANSOM presented by Headspin Theatre

July 3-5, 2020

Jordy, Anna, and Sofia: Three old friends with bright futures, but a dark history. They've been staying connected over video-chat while Sofia has been away at college, until one fateful Friday, mid-Zoom call, Jordy disappears. Was it ghosts? Was it aliens? Was it the goddamn 5G? There's only one way to find out! Join Anna and Sofia as they become DIY sleuths on a mission to find their friend through a genre-bending adventure, complete with original songs, farcical antics, and good old fashioned mystery.

Rated PG-13: Coarse language, drug use, and mature themes

ARTISTS: Mallory Chipman, Matt Graham, Vanessa Wilson with Brett Hansen, Molly Little, and Brian Raine


Episode 1: "Say Goodbye to Our Little Friend"
Episode 2: "We Know What They Did Last Summer"
Episode 3: "The Blair Snitch Project"

Being Alone

July 24 - 26, 2020

Being Alone is a set of webisodes that speaks to our individual struggles with both maintaining and refraining from human connection; isolation and social distancing yields a strange kind of clarity, alongside quirky coping strategies, anxiety, and a sense of loneliness that threatens to overwhelm our day-to-day lives. We’re all pushing forward through the chaos of “now”, but forward often feels like backward, or nowhere at all, without the closeness and clarity of our relationships and social norms.

ARTISTS: Lora Brovold, Patricia Darbasie, Collin Doyle, Ian Jackson, Ian Leung, Graeme MacKinnon, Sandy Moser, Mieko Ouchi, and Melissa Thingelstad


Episode 1: "6 Feet Apart"
Episode 2: "Pandemic Dating"
Episode 3: "For You, Margaret"