Paint Night

Nov 2, 2020

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Paint Night



Join us on Monday, November 2 at 7:30pm when we join the Citadel’s Head Scenic Artist, Nicole Deibert, for a two-hour digital paint night fundraiser coming to you directly from the Citadel Paint Shop via Zoom!  Don’t worry, you won't be the only student – Nicole will also be joined by Artistic Director Daryl Cloran and Executive Director Chantell Ghosh, alongside more friends of the Citadel Theatre. It will be a fun and casual evening of painting and visiting with some of your favourite Citadel actors! 

Tickets are only $45 per person. Limited tickets available, so buy now!

Paint kits can be picked up in advance on October 30 or 31, or delivered right to your doorstep for an additional fee of $10 per household.*

* Delivery Note: Each $45 paint kit is for one person. If you are booking kits for multiple people in your household, you only need to book one at the $55 price for kit + delivery to have all of your household's kits delivered.

Learn to paint this beautiful scene!

Price Includes:

  • Access to the Zoom broadcast with Nicole, Daryl, Chantell, and guests!

  • A paint kit with all of your supplies

  • PLUS a $15 gift certificate for you to pick up your favorite beverage at any Alcanna location (Wine and Beyond, Ace Liquor, Liquor Depot) prior to the event! 



    Head of Scenic Paint
    Head of Scenic Paint

    Nicole has been in the Scenic Art Department at the Citadel since 1998, and she’s been the Head Scenic Artist since 2014. She loves sharing her knowledge with others and she’s thrilled to have you join in on this Paint Nite. She also loves creating artwork of all kinds, including jewelry, so please visit her on Instagram @nixpaints and @ninedoorsjewelry. 

    Citadel Artistic Director
    Citadel Artistic Director

    What's a top CT Memory for you?
    DC: Watching my young son perform in the children’s chorus of A Christmas Carol.

    How's your paint skill?
    DC: Terrible. Although, in high-school I worked part time at a paint store. So maybe that gives me some kind of edge?

    How do you think Chantell's skill will be?
    DC: Chantell has a great sense of fashion and style, so I expect that means she’ll have a good eye for painting, right?

    Citadel Executive Director
    Citadel Executive Director

    What's a top CT Memory for you?
    CG: Seeing my daughter go through the whole audition, rehearsal, and performance cycle with A Christmas Carol was awesome. It gave me a view through different eyes.

    How's your paint skill?
    CG: I paint and silk screen as a hobby, but I’m more of an abstract painter, and I do pop art-photography style printing. So I expect this to be an utter disaster. If Nicole can teach me to paint something that looks like something, she is the genius we all know she is.

    How do you think Daryl's skill will be?
    CG: I think Daryl is a very precise person, so I expect his painting will look like the thing it’s supposed to look like. I also think his area will be tidier than mine... except for the paint that I am likely to splash on him.


    What's a top CT Memory for you?
    AD: John’s entrance as Frank-N-Furter, rising up from below as smoke filled the stage, while the bass drum was kicking the opening of "Sweet Transvestite"! 

    How's your paint skill?
    AD: I can paint by numbers. That's about it.

    How do you think John's skill will be?
    AD: Just a BIT better than mine. LOL!


    What's a top CT Memory for you?

    JU: Years ago, Lester Myhr was the head carpenter.  He was a great guy, I remember being told (perhaps he told me) that he came from building houses.  That when he started, he over-built everything, that he made it to last forever.  Of course sets don’t have to last forever, usually just for the run of the show.  Well, Lester became very ill.  Terminally ill.  And all the carpenters in the shop got together and built his coffin.  I guess that’s a tradition with carpenters. He knew that they were building it for him; perhaps they measured him for it.

    Well, of course I knew Lester. I have an interest in carpentry, and I used to ask him questions about building stuff and along with everyone else, I was pretty taken aback learning about his illness.  And something quite astonishing happened - I was invited to go into the shop and partake in the building of his coffin.  Everyone was there (in fine spirits -figuratively and alcoholically), sharing stories about Lester, and the things they had made at the Citadel, as well as many many memories everyone had.  It was a very joyous, welcoming place to be.  I think I sanded a part of it - I didn’t want to be the one who ruined it.  But it was beautiful, and I am grateful for this memory and to have shared that moment with some really great people.

    How's your paint skill?
    JU: Well, I hate painting.  I will do pretty much anything except paint.  The idea of painting a room is hateful.  Painting anything other than that fills me with dread and anxiety.  I don’t think I have painted anything on any surface in remotely an artistic endeavour since I was in grade 3.  I have managed to avoid it ever since.  But hey, if someone is willing to teach me something, I won’t care how it turns out.  I’ll just do what I am told, and keep my ego out of it.

    How do you think your colleague's skill will be?
    JU: Annie will say the same thing.  Except she likes painting rooms.  So that works out.  I make dinner, she makes breakfast.  That’s why we’re still married after 20 years.  Honestly, though, I think I might be better than Annie with the painting thing.  We both said how bad we think we are.  I am pretty sure this will not be a portrait, so whatever we are depicting won’t be offended.  Or maybe it will, I have some belief in the feelings of inanimate objects.

Tickets & Times for Paint Night

Runs Nov 2, 2020
Venue Online
Ticket Prices $45/person
Monday November 2 2020 : 7:30 PM Buy Now

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