The Wonderful World of Dissocia
Presented by the Young Acting Company

The Wonderful World of Dissocia

Presented by the Young Acting Company

Lisa Jones has been feeling… off. One evening while recording a virtual guitar lesson, Lisa is visited by a mysterious watchmaker offering a solution: she must find her missing hour or risk her life unravelling permanently! Join Lisa as she descends into the world of Dissocia, a long-forgotten corner of the Internet where things are not as they seem. Follow her quest to regain what she has lost and bring balance back into her life.

The Wonderful World of Dissocia is a pre-recorded multimedia production for our unprecedented times. Set entirely inside the computer of the protagonist, Lisa Jones, this is no Zoom call but a hybrid of film, animation, music, video games, and theatre.

Written by Anthony Nielson

In Order of Appearance:

Abby Gwilt Lisa
Julia Mitin Lisa
Lauren Toporowski Lisa
Alexander Mahon Victor, Biffer, and others
Austin White Guard 1 and others
Maya Saelens Guard 2 and others
Amro Ahmed Oathtaker and others
Alexander Voutchkov Goat and others
Sarah Zaiter Jane and others
Alexandra Lepage Britney and others
Jemuel Florendo Inhibitions and others
Paul-Ford Manguelle Argument and others
Emma Hennig Laughter and others
Eric Miracle Ticket, Vince, and others
Eva-Marie Smith Cellist, Dot, and others
Director Alexander Donovan
Original Animations Jemuel Florendo
Original Compositions Amro Ahmed
Assistant Director Braden Leahy
Video Editor Elijah Lindenberger
Stage Manager Steven Sobolewski
Assistant Stage Manager Jack Mosher

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14+ (Mature Subject Matter)