Shoctor Theatre

The Shoctor Theatre can host ticketed and non-ticketed events. The theatre has a spacious lobby area, built-in bar, and soft seating for guests while they are waiting for the event to start. The Shoctor Theatre also has six dressing rooms to accommodate your event speakers or performers. The Shoctor Rehearsal Hall and all three of the Citadel Classrooms can be rented in addition to the theatre to accommodate large dance recitals. 

Are you interested in renting a venue at The Citadel? Please contact us with the details of your proposed event.

Contact Rentals Team
Phone 780.428.2115

Ideal For:

  • Concerts
  • Corporate AGMs
  • Dance Recitals
  • Graduations
  • Theatrical Presentations
  • Conferences


681 The Shoctor Theatre can accommodate 681 guests in 20 long rows of continental-style seating, flanked by stairs at either end. Accessible seating is located in row B, with one dedicated wheelchair space at either end.


Technical Specs

Stage Area
2,000 sq. ft.
38′ wide
22’6″ high
53’6″ deep

Room Capacity
20 rows of fixed tiered seating
681 seats