Make Mine Love


Make Mine Love is Tom Wood’s brand new love letter to the Golden Age of movie making, and a result of five years of play development through the Citadel Academy.

New York, 1938. Hale Lane, once a glittering Broadway Matinee Idol, finds himself in a desolate alley being beaten by murderous loan sharks. Across the continent, Lane’s ex-wife and Hollywood star, Lily Arlen, has just put the brakes on her latest picture MAKE MINE LOVE by firing the director, the leading man, the designer and the choreographer. With the production in shambles and the picture on hold, Lily flies to New York to find a vehicle for her next film. Trying to escape the thugs, Lane unknowingly hijacks Lily and her limousine. During the chase that ensues the two rekindle their romance. What follows is a classic screwball comedy.  Disguises, train hijinks, singing, dancing, mistaken identity, car chases, love found, love lost, bus rides, a cast of quirky characters, the making of a movie musical, and a dizzying series of plot twists all conspire to teach our hero that love, true love, takes work.

May 10 – June 1, 2014 - Shoctor Theatre
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes including a 15 minute intermission


By Tom Wood
Directed by Bob Baker

Make Mine Love Enrichment Guide


Cast and Creative Team

The Cast

JOHN ULLYATT – Hale Lane/As Cast
REBECCA NORTHAN – Lily Arlen/As Cast
MARK MEER – Leland Caine/Clifton Keeler/Moroni/As Cast
JANA O’CONNOR – Enid/Mavis/Maimie/As Cast
JULIEN ARNOLD – Adolph Apex/Presnil Warrington III/As Cast
LISA NORTON – Violet/Dee Cupp/Dale/As Cast
FARREN TIMOTEO – Chester/Ramon/Andy Dandy/Tony/As Cast
JAMES MACDONALD – Delmar Knobbs/Arnie Glassman/Floyd/As Cast
ALEX MCCOOEYE – Minor Hobart Jr.

The Creative Team

Director – BOB BAKER
Set and Lighting Designer – BRETTA GERECKE
Costume Designer – CORY SINCENNES
Sound Designer – OWEN HUTCHINSON
Composer – ALLEN COLE
Projection Co-Designer and Filmmaker – JORDAN DOWLER-COLTMAN
Projection Co-Designer and Animator – OWEN BRIERLEY
Orchestrator – BEN CHRISTENSON
Stage Manager – MICHELLE CHAN
Assistant Stage Manager – SANG-SANG LEE
Apprentice Stage Manager – AL GADOWSKY

With Original Music by LYNN MILES and KEITH GLASS

Making of...

Make Mine Love from David Mathew Bonner on Vimeo.

Check out Make Something Edmonton’s interview with Bob Baker

Previews and Reviews


Edmonton Journal: Liz Nicholls’ preview of Make Mine Love with Ryan Jackson video from the show

CTV Edmonton: Graham Neil’s preview of Make Mine Love

VUE Magazine: Preview of Make Mine Love: Time for a Close-Up

Avenue Magazine: Edmonton director brings local playwright’s unique homage to Hollywood to the Citadel stage

St. Albert Gazette: Citadel reverts to 1930s with screwball comedy



“Ambitious playfulness…preposterous pizzazz …it seems remarkable that Baker and Wood would not only figure out how to do it, but find the dexterous talent, mostly from here, to make it fun to watch. You shouldn’t miss that chance.”
– Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal

“…(Playwright Tom) Wood is a one-man joke machine. Director Bob Baker will have you wondering “How’d he do that onstage?””
– Colin Maclean, Edmonton Sun

“…delightful, hilarious, slap-stick scenes…”
– Graham Hicks, HicksBiz blog

Make Mine Love is an equal opportunity farcical romp that takes pot shots at everyone. It is hilariously raunchy in places, yet sweet, nostalgic and loving.”
– Anna Borowiecki, St. Albert Gazette

“Both the Citadel Theatre and Edmonton as a whole should be proud of Make Mine Love.”
– Jenna Marynowski, After the House Lights theatre blog


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